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Rudy Hayek, MA, LMFT

(MFC 53658)

Rudy was born curious and observant.  Throughout his life he has learned to deeply appreciate the uniqueness of being human: we possess an innate drive to achieve, grow, to be productive and contribute to society, to help others, to love and be loved, and to explore the meanings of deeper life and purpose. 

Through his own journey as an endurance athlete, a Hawaii Ironman Triathlete, and a Black Belt in Shotokai Karate,  he accomplished goals which tested his physical and psychological barriers. It is in part through those milestones that he has experienced unparalleled personal and professional growth, yet amplified when coaching others to achieve their own personal success journeys. 

Following a 30-year career as a Health & Fitness Coach, Rudy’s journey led him to pursue a secondary vocation toward becoming a Psychotherapist. He chose the Masters' program in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University (APU) because it offered a curriculum based on an Interdisciplinary Integration model: which focuses on the intersection of Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality.

Rudy believes that these three pillars significantly impact our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors – and therapists and counselor must pay attention to how they are configured, integrated, and expressed in people’s lives. It is through that lens that a competent therapist is able to be more effective in working with and supporting clients through the therapeutic process.

Rudy's role as stepfather was one of his most significant life experiences, which taught him to empathize and sympathize with all members of blended and extended families in his practice.  He learned firsthand that family relationships are made up of complex layers of connections: history, personalities, habits, patterns, values, ethics, which makes the road to healthy communication, functioning and growth sometimes challenging.  A well-adjusted healthy family requires a collective commitment from all members, in order to be able to create mutual empathy and understanding.

B.A. Kinesiology, California State University, Northridge

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University


Sherry Villanueva, MA, LMFT

(MFC 52798) 

Sherry has had an extensive and varied life of experiences. These experiences have led her to focus her personal journey and her professional work in the pursuit of discovering one’s true sense of self. Throughout her lifetime, she has frequently found herself, along with her clients, faced with the pressing question, Who am I, really?

Holding this question as a beacon in the discovery process, Sherry uses her natural empathic nature, use of creative expression and personable approach, to open up in- roads of deep personal awakening and understanding of one’s authentic self. Sherry’s personal belief is that to truly love others, one must know and love oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The detached or unknown self often presents itself in the form of anxiety, depression, low self esteem, addictions, dysfunction in relationships, to name just a few challenges.  Sherry intertwines the skillful use of appropriate and selective evidenced-based theoretical approaches, as well as the teaching of effective practical strategies, to address the impact of deep layers of early childhood misaligned attachment patterns, shame-based familial beliefs and interactions, as well as physical and emotional trauma, that have created barriers to knowing the authentic self.   

Sherry is first a woman, then a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, sister-in-law and aunt, living and loving in a blended, multicultural, extended family setting. Her personal and familial relationship adventures have added a unique appreciation and knowledge to the complexities of the beauty, strength and challenges of a diverse family and social dynamic. In addition, Sherry is also a business partner, colleague, friend, community ally and advocate. All of these roles continually inspire her to practice curiosity about, and unconditional positive regard toward the true and authentic self of all beings.    



B.A. Education, Point Loma University, San Diego

M.A. Clinical Psychology, Chapman University, San Diego