According to Interpersonal Neurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel, in a relationship, integration is defined as each person being respected for his or her autonomy and differentiated self, while being linked to others in empathic communication. 

Integrative Connections strives to create optimum counseling and coaching opportunities for couples to achieve this healthy balance.

We optimize relationships through coaching, workshops and counseling.

The Integrative Connections Story

Integrative Connections is a business partnership and collaboration between Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Rudy Hayek and Sherry Villanueva. Their shared interests and theoretical alignment in the areas of personal and professional relationship dynamics, have brought them together to create a unique integration of coaching, education and counseling. Their warmth and engaging sense of humor create an optimum environment for participants to fully engage in deeper personal exploration and insight. This process sets the stage, whereby the effectiveness of the interventions and strategies optimize personal relationships and communication goals.