Mastering the steps can be as easy as 1-2-3

Relationships that work well look and feel a certain way. From their verbal and non-verbal communication, to how they treat each other, these couples emit a unique energy and rhythm. Just like observing a well-executed ballroom dance, watching these couples leaves you feeling good, and may even inspire you.

This kind of attunement, synchronicity and harmony, necessary for a healthy relationship, can also be observed and experienced when watching certain sports such as: parallel paired skating and diving, rowing, and synchronized swimming. These require the athletes to be selfless, disciplined, and demonstrate an intentional commitment toward a shared successful outcome.  Optimum performance requires the individuals in these sports to be at their best so that, as a team or pair, they achieve a shared mastery.

At Integrative Connections, we have identified three distinct styles of relating (SOR), which most couples fall under. However, we find that when couples operate within one primary SOR, they can experience limitations in many other important areas.  These couples tend to become too comfortable in a pattern of relating that is familiar, safe, and limiting. Moreover, these limitations can leave the couple with blind spots and missed opportunities for deeper connection, as well as opening the door to misunderstandings, and unrealized expectations.

We have created a fun and unique way to help identify you and your partner’s dominant SOR, which will help you recognize your strengths and your challenges. In doing so, will make the process of integrating and expressing all three SOR’s, effective in rebalancing your relationship. This in turn, can lead to a relationship with boundless possibilities, potential and renewed energy.