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The Integrative Connections Story

Integrative Connections is a business partnership and collaboration between licensed Marriage and Family therapists, Rudy Hayek and Sherry Villanueva.  Their shared interests and theoretical alignment in the areas of personal and professional relationship dynamics have brought them together to create a unique integration of coaching, education and counseling. Their warmth and engaging sense of humor create an optimum environment for participants to fully engage in safe and effective exploration and discovery. This sets the stage whereby the effectiveness of the interventions and strategies optimize personal relationships and communication goals.


Relationship & Communication Optimization


Before You Say ‘I Do’

Sat. Oct 12, 2019 8:30am - 4pm

As we’ve all heard before: “love is blind”, and “love is not enough”. Being in love is wonderful and there is nothing comparable to how being in love makes us feel. However, a successful long-term relationship requires a regular diet of self-discovery, honest communication, reality checks, and a perpetual desire to learn more about yourself and your partner. If you want to set up your marriage for success, why not start before you walk down the aisle? 

The Art of Living a Balanced Life

Sat, Apr 27, 20198:30 AM  Sun, Apr 28, 2019 4:30 PM

Come join us on this inspirational and informative Two-Day Retreat, where you will have an opportunity for deeper, purposeful exploration and discovery into yourself and your life. Participants will come from all walks of life, careers, and paths to get together, learn and support each other, and create a memorable and transformational experience.


Saturday, April 14th, 2018:

This workshop is for anyone who is looking for ways to be a more effective communicator and listener.


  • In a committed relationship and want to improve the way you communicate and relate to each other.

  • In between relationships, and would like to learn more about yourself and how you can choose your next partner with a better perspective and clarity.

  • Someone who is searching for tools and ideas to improve all of your relationships: family, work, business, friends.


  • Coach you in clearly articulating your feelings and expressing your points of view

  • Identify your “self-critic”, whose internal negative messages impact self-expression, relational connection, and quality of life

  • Improve self-confidence in social and business situations

  • Work on effective ways for you to be better understood, heard, seen, and valued

  • Learn powerful interpersonal skills to help you read and understand others more accurately

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In this retreat-style experience, you and your partner will explore deeper and more mindful ways to understand each other. One of the more powerful steps toward achieving this state, is by learning how your personal expectations and perceptions determine your communication style and how you come across to others. Through Integrative Connections’ coaching and counseling approaches, you will have the opportunity to adapt what you’ve learned and experienced during the weekend, back into your own life and wherever you want to affect positive change.


This format is a small group setting (4 couples maximum), where Rudy and Sherry will conduct six, weekly 90-minute sessions. This opportunity will provide the couples with customized and personalized coaching and counseling tools.


Interested in finding out how the INTEGRATIVE CONNECTIONS team can help your group, company, or organization function with improved communication and relational dynamics? Rudy and Sherry are available to meet with you and other decision-makers, for a 60-minute complimentary presentation to help you identify gaps and vulnerabilities that contribute to problems such as: low morale, high employee turnover, below average work performance and efficiency.